Scheduling & cancellations: We love to have as much notice as possible if you have a schedule change or need to cancel a service. That said, we know that life happens and sometimes it’s not possible to give a lot of notice. We’ll do our best to accommodate you while also keeping our staff’s schedules reasonable and predictable. If last minute changes or cancellations become routine, we reserve the right to charge for the cancelled service if we’re not given 24 hours notice. 


Initial service consultation: We feel that meeting our clients and their pets in person before beginning service is absolutely crucial. These consultations are free of charge and give you a chance to get to know us a bit as well! During the consultation we will gather access information to your home, a key if relevant, personal communications information and preferences, and a detailed profile of your pet(s) and their feeding, elimination, medication and care routines. We recommend your pets' veterinary contact information, emergency contact information, microchip status and any relevant health or behavior details be available to us during our initial meeting. Your information will NEVER be shared with anyone besides our own management and staff members assigned to your service.


Billing: We email invoices on a bi-weekly basis and payment is generally due 7 days from the invoice date. If you have a regular service schedule, the invoice is sent at the beginning of the new service period. If you are a periodic or vacation client, you will receive an invoice during the billing session nearest your service dates. Payments can be made online straight from the invoice, or you're welcome to have your bank send us a check. We're sorry, but we are unable accept cash or checks in person. Prompt payments are much appreciated and keep our small business afloat! Late payments are subject to a $20 fee. Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions about your bill.


Staff: All of our staff are hired as employees of Wild Pet Care LLC.  We feel that it's important to support our staff and invest in them, rather than resorting to the industry norm of using independent contractors. This is not the cheap way to go, but it helps us provide better stability for our clients and a more supportive environment for our employees.


Arrival times: Our arrival times can vary due to traffic, scheduling issues and the general unpredictability of working with animals. We will give you a window of time, usually a couple of hours one way or the other, that we will aim for, with priority given to clients' pets with time-sensitive medical treatments, demanding potty routines or who are crated during the day. We’ll do our best to be predictable in our arrival, as we know that most pets are routine oriented and thrive emotionally and physically when the routine is followed.


Communication: Staff members’ personal information or phone numbers are not provided to clients for privacy and safety reasons. If you have a schedule change, cancellation, or something you’d like your assigned staff person to know, please email or text us and we will make sure they get the message and take the appropriate action. Also, please DO contact us with anything your walker needs to know, even if it’s a small detail. It’s tempting to leave a note and hope that they find it, but we’ve found that notes can be unreliable and leave management out of the information loop. Text, call or email us anytime. When your service is complete for the day, you will receive a text or email (per your preference) through our company software to let you know how everything went. Both the staff person and management have access to this communication so nothing falls through the cracks.


Holidays: We will send out periodic emails to check in with you about service on national holidays. We charge 1.5 times our regular rates for services on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Years Day.


Weather: Seattle is blessed with relatively mild winter weather, but if it becomes dangerous for us to travel or perform our services, we will contact you immediately. We always do our best to arrive as scheduled, but we will not put our staff’s personal safety at risk. Most likely, if conditions are that bad, you’ll be stuck at home too. 


Security: We do our very best to insure that your home and property is kept safe and secure. We do not use any company identification on our vehicles so we don't accidentally tip anyone off that we are coming and going from unoccupied homes. If you have a security system, we will follow all procedures for entering and exiting and arming/disarming the system. While on regular dog walks, unless instructed otherwise, we will leave the system off. Both your staff person and management will have access to your alarm codes and passwords in our secure system. During services while you’re away from home for a period of time, we will perform small adjustments to your home to make it look like someone has been there such as: adjusting blinds and curtains, turning lights on and off, taking trash to and from the curb, bringing packages inside, etc. 


Safety: We instruct all of our staff in the best ways to maintain personal safety while out in the world with your pet. Occasionally we will recommend a backup leash system or a more secure harness or other tool to make sure your pet is kept under control and on-leash at all times. We do not support the use of shock collars, prong collars, or any other pain or fear based training or control method and will not ask our staff to use these items under any circumstances. We are happy to recommend trainers that we have worked with and trust, as well as training tools and methods that have worked for us over the years.


Behavior: Our management and staff all have experience or training with all types of behavior, including leash and other reactivity in dogs. We are happy to work with you at keeping your pet's training routine fresh and consistent. That said, we do not offer formal training as part of our service and will happily refer you to a local professional trainer if needed. If behavior worries develop during the course of our service, we will always reach out to you to discuss them.


Staff backups: We will always have a second person able to come and perform services if your regular staff person becomes unable to, either another staff member or management. In the case of dogs, we like for the backup person to have been introduced to and be familiar with your dog so there aren’t any surprises.